Warren StreetWarren Street - underground mural

This sim recreates the famous Warren street mural by Alan Fletcher. By dividing each tile into 4, only 8 tiles are needed, including the all white central tile.

tile tile tile tile tile tile tile tile

The tiles are now one path wide. I'll use these to make a random maze sim.

Warren Street Stage

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Warren Street tube station has a good example of tileset artwork. The mosaic was created in 1967 by Alan Fletcher, who chose a maze design for passengers to while away the time until the next train.

The same maze design is repeated around the station, so the tiles are not used to create different maze layouts. It is really an image made up of geometrical tiles. The actual tileset needed is around 12 tiles, allowing for rotations.

warren street

When I looked at the mural, I noticed some of the tiles were wrong. There are 8 'missing' white triangles. I guess Alan left a few off for artistic effect.

Screen showing 'missing' triangles in blue.