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Wang Tiles


edge and corner matched tilesets


Connected Mazes

Connected mazes are perfect mazes (so all paths are reachable) but with added fusing causing loops. There can have more than one solution. Connected mazes can also include weaving where paths pass under or over each other.

Reduced set of 2-edge road tiles
tile tile tile tile tile tile tile tile tile tile tile
3 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Pass tiles
tile tile
15 15

Blank tile-0 and dead ends are not used. Also, there are two additional variations of tile-15, the under and over pass tiles, (either one of which is selected at random). The blue and red vans are added sprites.

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Stage: Roadway Layout

Maze Tiles

Twin Path Mazes

Two sets of maze tiles can be used together. The best effect is achieved if weaving is allowed. Extra interchange (link) tiles can then allow the path between both tilesets if necessary. I keep both paths to their own grids. The regularity makes rules easier to write and gives a visually strong interlocked effect.
Here, extra interchange path tiles at ground level have been added to link the upper 'bridge' walkway and lower 'trench' paths. The exits list will also need to be modified, so wandering sprites can swop paths correctly.

Link Tiles
tile tile
a b

See more at Twin Maze designs.

Stage: Twin Path Tiles

Maze Tiles

Block Mazes

The perfect maze algorithm can also be used to generate perfect block (or hedge) mazes. Here, confusingly, the blocks are actually gaps between the maze floor tiles. This allows the more detailed repeat background pattern of 3x3 cells to show through. Shadows have been added to the floor tiles from a 6 tileset. The plain no shadow tile is not needed.

Shadow floor tiles
tile tile tile tile tile tile
a b c d e f

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Stage: 3d Dungeon Maze

Maze Tiles