Wang Tiles


edge and corner matched tilesets


Shape Tiles

These tilesets have different left/right and upper/lower edge designs, in order for tiles to visually match. Usually, edges 'cut into' neighbouring tiles, like jigsaw pieces. The two different types of edge ensure edges fit snugly together, without overlap or gaps.

The Wang tile designs remain square and are never extended to cover any neighboring tile. To ensure tile shapes are compatable with the same colored edge tiles we've already used, we need to define yellow and blue edges.

Curve edge shape

We use the following rules for a curved edge like this: curve

1/ Blue edges curve up or right (away from the origin)
2/ Yellow edges curve down or left (towards the origin)

2-edge shape tilesets

Here is a set of Wang tiles and Shape tileset examples.

Wang 2edge

As these are Wang tiles, we only need to draw the curve within the tile. In the real world, we could cut out 16 differently shaped tile pieces. Some packing puzzles use such tilesets.

As there are no clear paths, shape tilesets are not good for drawing mazes.

Stage: Random Pebbles

random pebbles

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