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edge and corner matched tilesets


Spritesheets 3-order Tilesets

These tilesets are 3-order edge or corner tiles, shown as 9x9 symmetrical layouts.

All tilesets can be explored using the Stage, by selecting a 3-order edge or corner tileset from the pull-down menu.

These images are the actual sprite sheets used by the Stage. Each 32x32 pixel tile is displayed by applying the correct horizontal (x) and vertical (y) offsets to the image.

Edge tiles are usually path type tiles and so are good for maze designs.

Edge Tiles


3-edge Flow tileset
Wang tiles 3-edge



3-edge Celtic tileset
Celtic tiles 3-edge



3-edge Flow tileset
Walkways tiles 3-edge



3-edge Walkways tileset
Walkways tiles 3-edge

Corner Tiles

3-order corner tilesets, shown as a 9x9 symmetrical layout. Not so good for drawing mazes.


3-corner Wang tileset
Wang tileset 3-corner


3-corner Wang tileset
Celtic tileset 3-corner

All tiles are 32x32 pixels. All sprite sheets are PNG format.

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